Deconstructing Fletcher’s Board

With the February announcements that Fletchers CEO and Chair are both leaving the business, we’ve had reason to think hard about their board’s role in the results, and likely future.

We’ve pulled the news announcements apart, trying to understand more about what happened, and how this might have lessons for others in governance roles.

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Board Healthy Lifecycle Blog

Keeping your board team’s lifecycle healthy

It’s a challenge for all boards. They are functioning well and then a member announces retirement, or their term is ending. Perhaps a board member is becoming bored and losing focus. Even a board that is functioning well will need to plan for changing board members. How do you ensure a healthy transition of board members?

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H&S White Island

Risky Business… Are Boards Taking Health and Safety Seriously?  

Board responsibility for managing risk has been widely discussed recently, particularly managing financial risk. Business owners, directors and CEOs also have an obligation to exercise due diligence to ensure their organisation meets its health and safety obligations. What are the lessons learned from Whakaari-White Island?

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We do what we do on purpose

Governing any organisation can be challenging. This is often made worse by a lack of clarity or alignment about “the why”. Or to phrase it another way – what is the purpose that underpins the organisation, its activities and its contribution to our community?

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No holding back – Good governance is always evolving

In September 2023, the Reserve Bank of NZ Te Pūtea Matua and the Financial Markets Authority released a report on governance of financial services organisations. It’s a great read and gives strong guidance to boards across many sectors. It’s a fascinating read and packs a

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Image of a mahogany table with a gold scale in the background, an open law book and a gravel in the foreground.

Mainzeal court case – the main lessons

On 25 August the Supreme Court released its decision on the Mainzeal directors’ liability after its collapse in February 2013. The events might have happened a decade ago, but the issues are just as relevant to today’s directors. The Court recognised this and has helpfully

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Image of hands in a circle all holding pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Boards are Teams Too

Are boards a group of individual people bringing along a set of individual skills, or are they a team? This is a topic that is regularly debated when discussing governance. If we look at the definition of a team as ‘a group of people who

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