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Success Stories

Having been a CEO for 7 years, I moved into a larger role with greater challenges, demands, expectations and a significantly larger board with diverse personalities. As such, I recognised I was becoming frustrated and feeling disconnected in my role.

Since working with Giselle, I have grown in confidence and capability in managing board relationships, expectations, and workloads. I am now able to ‘push back’ and negotiate with confidence and capability for positive outcomes for both myself and the board I report to. The relationship I have with the board chair has flourished with Giselle’s guidance and support, for which I will be forever grateful. Giselle has taught me so much which has solidified my leadership and given real direction for the journey we are on as an organisation.

– CEO, Large Organisation

A few hours with Giselle was a turning point for our business.

Together we took a good look at our options.  We’ve since added an online, affordable tool that can generate significant cashflow for our business and it will open more doors to future business. This will underpin our tailored, in person services that help companies move their culture in a more positive direction.

We are excited and confident about our business future with Giselle’s help.  She helped us see how this opportunity would create a strong pipeline for sustainability that every business needs.  We recommend you get in touch with her.

– Director, Culture Specialist

We’ve been working on our future business direction with Giselle.  As part of the work that she has done for us she helped our team to explore our agility, our internal communication, our business systems and what it means to be a purpose driven business.  Giselle’s facilitation skills were outstanding and she understood our business well. 

She was professional, prepared and helped us address some key business needs as a team. We will certainly be looking for ways to work with her further and extend this relationship.

– Partner, Law Firm

Giselle developed and led a tailored governance workshop for our Board. 

We enjoyed an active session, got to know each other better and increased our governance confidence. 

We certainly received plenty of sound advice for the Board to implement. 

Chair, For Purpose Board

Giselle’s governance skills workshop on effective chairing for some of our senior team was brilliant!  She ran through a lot of practical tips and tools to make our meetings more effective. 

We learned an enormous amount in just 2 hours and the feedback has been really positive.  We’re looking forward to the next session in a couple of months.

Assistant Governor – GM Governance, Strategy & Corporate Relations, Banking

Thank you for organising yesterday’s training. I found the day immensely interesting and was hugely valuable for me both professionally and personally.

We thought we had everything covered as a group but there is so much more we need to consider to ensure we are as effective as we can be, thanks so much for organising the day.

– Attendee, Governance Workshop