Trust and Transparency in governance - Grounded Governance

We’re watching you!

Right across our communities and institutions, we “enjoy” transparency like never before.

Anyone could watch this meeting, without being there in person. It was like using a one-way mirror. Strong institutions need transparency and transparency is a key governance protocol. It is great to see genuinely public, accessible meetings. But …

It was an extraordinary meeting indeed. The discussion themes included:

  • whether the Council members all trusted the Chief Executive and their team, and
  • what delegations the Councillors wanted to give the Chief Executive.

To give everyone credit, they shared their views honestly and directly.  This courage was essential. Then they voted, publicly, one by one. I was left feeling that they got the business done, but left some genuine teamwork unfinished.

With the local government elections looming, I wonder how many potential candidates have an appetite for public service in this transparent environment? And I wonder how the new Mayor and team of Councillors plan to build trust with each other and with their executive team?

Some might find this trust equation helpful:

The Trust Equation - Grounded Governance

Here at Grounded Governance, we often work with boards behind closed doors, to help with issues like teamwork, trust and transparency with their stakeholders. It’s challenging work. Working confidentially is hugely important to success. Let us know if you want guidance on your board’s teamwork or building trust. We can help.