We call what we do down to earth governance.

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Welcome to our Grounded Governance community.

We are building an online platform to deliver governance support and solutions.

Whether your business is just getting started on governance or you have taken many steps on the journey, Grounded can help.

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The question: are you?

Simplifying Governance in New Zealand.

Governance specialists to help your business flourish.

We’ll help you wherever you are on your governance journey.

We’re building a down to earth governance community for Kiwi businesses.

Products and Services

We offer 1:1 Governance Coaching for Chairs, Directors and CEOs and Governance Workshops.

In 2022 we'll be offering some simple and expert products and services:
Full Day Strategy Workshops to guide you through a process to set up your organisation with a clear strategy.
Automated Documents to help you document your governance processes and paperwork.

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Whether you are a Chair, director, CEO, or business owner, we can help. We work both online and in person

Our mission is to empower boards and businesses to flourish, by sharing our expertise and making governance easy and enjoyable

This nation of business owners deserve to reap the rewards of their mahi. 

We want them to flourish. In a world of complexity, we offer simplicity. 

Easy. Expert. Enjoyable


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