Celebration of Women, Community, and Governance on International Women’s Day

On this past International Women’s Day, we had the privilege to host two extraordinary events that brought women together, both physically and virtually, to celebrate, connect, and inspire. 

Morning Brunch in Wanaka: A Delight of Sunshine and Conversations 

The morning began with a burst of sunshine in Wanaka as a handful of local women gathered for brunch. Against the backdrop of stunning views, delicious breakfast offerings, and the warm embrace of our community, conversations flowed. Achievements were shared, goals were discussed, and the candid sharing of stresses created an atmosphere of understanding and support. 

In the heart of Wanaka, surrounded by empowered women, the morning was a celebration of the strength that comes from coming together. It echoed the theme of International Women’s Day 2024 – ‘Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.’ The investment, in this case, was the investment of time, attention, and care, creating a space where women could thrive, connect, and celebrate each other’s journeys. 

Online Lunch Event: Bridging Distances, Sharing Stories 

As the morning sun continued to shine, we transitioned to an equally vibrant online space. Over 15 attendees joined us virtually, from a variety of locations around the country to connect on this important day. The online lunch event epitomised the theme, ‘Count Her In,’ as women from different governance and business backgrounds came together to share stories, insights, and laughter. 

The virtual gathering resonated with the power of connection, emphasising the importance of community and support for women in governance. In the fast-paced world we navigate, the significance of carving out moments to prioritise coming together, even if only virtually is increasingly important. It was a collective acknowledgment that progress is accelerated when we stand united and celebrate each other’s victories, no matter the physical distance. 

The Importance of Women in Governance Finding Support in Community 

Both events underscored a vital truth – the strength and resilience of women in governance are fortified when surrounded by a supportive community. International Women’s Day serves as a reminder that investing in women, fostering connections, and creating spaces for collaboration are not just gestures but powerful catalysts for progress. 

As women in governance, whether leading boards, businesses, or community initiatives, our achievements are amplified when we Count Her In, when we come together to share insights, learn from one another, and collectively shape a future where every woman’s voice is heard and valued. 

This International Women’s Day was a celebration of the bonds we create, the ideas we share, and the progress we collectively propel. May these connections continue to thrive, inspiring a future where women in governance find unwavering support in their communities, both near and far.