Wondering how to get your board working as a team?

Why does management misunderstand the board sometimes?

Do you need to put into practice what you’ve learnt?

Wondering how to get the board to focus on compliance?

Learn new board skills AND start putting the theory into
practice at our

Applied Taste of Governance Workshop

Strategy Simplified Workshop

Four hours of down to earth guidance and practice for the whole board. Come away with a solid understand of the role of the board and a plan in place to ensure an effective board in the future. Flexible to fit into your schedules and delivered by our governance experts.

Grounded Governance Solutions

At Grounded Governance our experience tells us that what most boards need is down-to-earth advice and the whole board team on the same page. When you understand your roles and responsibilities, being part of a board can be fun and rewarding.

Our Applied Taste of Governance workshop will take you through some governance essentials and help you to start putting these together as a team. The workshop lasts four hours and can be delivered in-person or online. It’s tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and facilitated by one of our governance experts, whose aim is to make your job more enjoyable.

We focus on:

"Great - provided insights into how to deal with certain situations that I was feeling and trying to manage while trying to best contribute and learn at the same time."


How you will benefit

At the end of this session your board will all be on the same page and will understand: 

"Stayed on topic and explained theory with real life examples making the material easier to understand."


Make real progress with your board

Book your board’s 4-hour workshop now – we are taking bookings 6 weeks ahead. We are flexible to fit into your schedules – this workshop can be delivered on-line or in person.