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Reading and Ready

Are you really ready for your next board meeting?

What’s the difference between Reading your board papers and being Ready for your next meeting?

Answer – a lot of work.  Great governance is not an accident; it is underpinned by a great system for the board, and for each director.

Many directors fall short on preparation, and let themselves – and their organisation – down.  They feel and look unprepared. 

Sometimes they know that they have underdone the prep; they can feel in their gut that they are not as ready as they should be.

  • Some directors don’t even realise that they are not prepared.  They are not aware of just how much thinking and planning needs to go into their contribution.
  • Occasionally, organisations make it more difficult; perhaps the papers are late or the workload is just too big, making it almost impossible to prepare properly.

If you have a system, you can prepare well.  If you want some guidance, try using Grounded’s R4 process to help you get prepared. 

It’s a simple system to help you prepare for your next board meeting so you can do your best job.

Please try it, and let us know how you get on.  Did it make your meeting easier, and more enjoyable?  We hope so!