Is your board as efficient and effective as it could be?

Did that last meeting go as planned?

Are relationships with the management team healthy?

Have you undertaken an annual board evaluation?

If you can answer all these questions confidently, fantastic.

If not, it might be time for a

Board Healthcheck

Unique in New Zealand to Grounded Governance, this tool will provide you with an overview of your board health and an expert facilitator to help you identify key themes and create a plan to supercharge your board. 


Grounded Governance – Groundbreaking Simplicity

How long is it since you checked the health of your board?

At Grounded Governance our experience tells us that most boards only check infrequently and some never check. If you haven’t undertaken an evaluation for more than 2 years, now is the time. Understanding how your board members view the effectiveness of the board will help you to address any issues, before they become a problem. To achieve greatness, you need down-to-earth advice and the whole board team on the same page.

The Board Healthcheck is a specially designed tool to help you do just that.

Developed by The Future Directors Institute it is used all over the world, and only available in New Zealand through Grounded Governance. After completing the on-line evaluation, you will receive a full report and time with one of our expert governance facilitators to help you interpret the report, work through key themes and supercharge your board.

"It was an excellent process, managed very professionally by Grounded which allowed us to determine the challenges and opportunities for our organisation, as well as understanding our Board dynamics better."


How you will benefit

This is a ‘where are we now’ check to ensure your board is creating the conditions critical to future success – of the board and the organisation. At the end of this evaluation your board will: 

Step forward in governance with confidence

Book your board’s Board Health Check