Confused about who writes the strategy and what should be included?

Wondering how you write a strategy that management and the board can agree on?

We have created a unique process to guide your management and board team.

Strategy Simplified

Is just that… a simple process, designed to work for any sector, that will leave boards and business owners feeling motivated and confident in their future strategy. 

Grounded Governance – Groundbreaking Simplicity

Strategy simplified - easy to say, harder to do! Boards must sign off strategic plans at least every 3 to 4 years.

There is often confusion about who does what when it comes to strategy. At Grounded Governance we know that bringing the management team and the board together to produce the strategy will help everyone understand their role

Our unique 5 step process from Diagnose to Deliver will guide your board team as you develop a fresh strategy and goals. Our experience tells us that we can’t do this in a one-day workshop – it doesn’t work. For a strong and robust strategy that management and the board can work with the process takes around 3 to 6 months. When boards and management work well together, building a strategy that leaves the board and management feeling motivated and confident in their future can be fun and rewarding.

"Aligned and motivated the Board with ambitious goals!”"


How you will benefit

Identify a process for creating your organisation’s strategy that you can use time and again.

"Fantastic to capture the varying views that all have a similar ‘why’!! Ka mau te wehi."


Empower your board and management team

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