You are a board member but…

You are wondering what your board should be doing, how to get a great team around your board table, and why management and the board sometimes misunderstand each other?

Or maybe you are confused by compliance and wondering how you balance tracking progress with looking ahead?

Answer all these questions and more at our online

Taste of Governance Workshop

Delivered by our governance experts this down to earth workshop will provide your whole board with a solid understanding of their role, the legal and ethical responsibilities as well as a series of board tools to ensure you are an effective board, all in the space of just 2 hours.

Grounded Governance – Groundbreaking Simplicity

At Grounded Governance our experience tells us that what most boards need is down-to-earth advice and the whole board team on the same page. When you understand your roles and responsibilities, being part of a board can be fun and rewarding.

Our Taste of Governance workshop is a two-hour, online workshop lead by one of our governance experts, whose aim is to make your job more enjoyable.

We focus on:

"It was really refreshing. You got me re excited for business and all its possibilities. Thank you."


How you will benefit

At the end of this session your board will all be on the same page and will understand: 

"Really helpful for me as someone who works with a Board and also someone with possible ambitions to be a member of a Board one day."


Taking the ‘bored’ out of board meetings.

2-hours of online down-to-earth guidance and advice for the whole board. Flexible to fit into your schedules and delivered by our governance experts. Book your board’s online 2-hour workshop now – we are taking bookings 6 weeks ahead.

Don’t want an online course?

Try our ‘Applied Taste of Governance’ workshop.