What We Do

Helping Kiwi & global organisations to flourish.

Whether your business is just getting started on governance or you have taken many steps on the journey, Grounded can help. We offer tailored solutions, governance training, support and advice for boards, Chairs, CEOs and business owners, both online and in person. We can also help with governance processes and documentation. We are passionate about helping board teams to transform their impact.

Improve your governance performance and confidence

Grounded’s team is focused on helping any organisation to flourish.  We offer:

  • Board Governance training
  • Support to help you become an effective Chair
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Individual, tailored governance support and advice for chairs, directors, and CEOs
  • Understand Board of Directors roles and responsibilities across many countries

Our Products

Workshops, Tailored Governance Support and Advice
Strategy Simplified Workshop

Strategy Simplified
Our unique, 5 step process from Diagnose to Deliver will guide your board team as you develop a fresh strategy and goals. The process has been designed to work for any sector and will leave boards and business owners feeling motivated and confident in their future strategy. Delivered in a hybrid process online and with an in person workshop. 

Taste of Governance Workshop

Taste of Governance
A fast and interactive overview of governance for two hours. It is designed to help boards begin a conversation about their role, and any changes needed and to provide a platform for refreshing a board’s processes. Delivered online

The Chairing Pathway

Applied Taste of Governance
A four-hour workshop, designed to help boards begin a conversation about their role, and any changes needed and to provide a platform for refreshing a board’s processes. The additional time allows us to delve into some of the governance challenges facing your organisation. Delivered in person or online.

The Chairing Pathway

The Chairing Pathway – Coaching
A confidential online 6-module course over 13 weeks to help grow your competence and confidence as a board Chair. The content is tailored to your needs, which we identify together in module 1. The final session creates your action plan.

Board Culture and Team Workshop

Board Culture & Teamwork Workshop
A wide array of human dynamics can enter the boardroom. How the board works together impacts whether this is a positive or a negative experience. This engaging workshop takes board members through a number of interactive online tools and brings the information together to create a highly effective and strong board team. This three to four-hour workshop will reinvigorate your board team, create a strong culture and set your board up for future success. Delivered in person

Board Healthcheck
Understand the nuances of your Board by undertaking a Board Evaluation. Work through key themes in a facilitated session to supercharge your Board. The primary objective of the Board Healthcheck is to assess your individual and collective perceptions of performance, culture, and relationships. It will empower you to affirm, shift or change your belief on how the Board can best fulfil its responsibilities.

On-Demand Training – How to be a Great Chair

Partnered with BoardPro we have created an online, self-paced Chairing course. Curated for professionals seeking to enhance their skills as board or committee chairs. The 3-hour online course is comprehensive and accessible to participants. It teaches students how to lead with confidence, understand governance principles, foster collaboration, and resolve conflicts.

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