You’re the chair of the board, and you are wondering how to maximise the board’s effectiveness,

how to understand and utilise the skills within the boardroom,

and ultimately how to ensure your board works together to achieve great results.

We have the answer….

A unique course designed to grow the chair’s confidence and competence

The Chairing Pathway

This one-on-one training will provide you with the tools to begin conversations with your board members, ensure the board is working effectively and help you maximise your board’s performance. All in just 6 * 90-minute sessions.

Grounded Governance – Groundbreaking Simplicity

At Grounded Governance not only have we experienced chairing a board, we have studied what a successful chair looks like. We also know that sometimes you want training to be private and confidential, tailored to you and your organisation.

The chair of the board is the team leader and leading a team requires EQ as well as IQ. When you understand your roles and responsibilities, chairing a board can be fun and rewarding.

The Chairing Pathway is designed by Grounded Governance and offers a unique opportunity to:

"Not only does the coaching cover the technical aspects of the job, which has improved my competency greatly, but also the time with Giselle has notably improved my confidence in the role."


How you will benefit

During this course you will:

"With Giselle's support and additional motivation I found other doors opening during the course and secured a new position, I don’t see this as a coincidence. I now look forward to putting my learnings into practice for the benefit of any board I sit on."


“Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.”

- Seth Godin

Book your chairing pathway now – we are taking bookings 6 weeks ahead. One-on-one, tailored and highly confidential training consisting of 6 online sessions of 90 minutes each. Flexibly planned to fit into your schedules. Delivered by our governance experts.