Strategy Building Blocks

Mastering the 5 Steps of Strategy Simplified for Board Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, boards are tasked with steering their organisations toward success amidst uncertainty and change. Developing a strategic plan that aligns with the organisation’s goals and aspirations is essential for navigating the future effectively.  

At Grounded Governance, we understand the complexities of strategy development and have devised a unique 5-step process, aptly named Strategy Simplified, to guide management and boards towards success. Let’s delve into the five essential steps of Strategy Simplified and explore how they pave the way for board success.

Step 1: Diagnose  
Before embarking on the journey of strategic planning, it’s crucial to diagnose the current situation. Our Grounded team initiates this process by conducting a comprehensive survey covering various aspects of the organisation’s current strategy. This diagnostic phase allows us to identify weaknesses, concerns, superpowers, and successes, providing a clear understanding of the Management and Board’s strategic landscape, and how the two work together. 

Step 2: Discuss  
Armed with insights from the diagnostic phase, the next step is to bring the board together for a reflective discussion. During this session, we. Grounded share the results of the diagnostic survey, fostering open dialogue and collective understanding among the Board. Additionally, we use this opportunity to outline the next steps and clarify the goals and objectives that will shape the strategic plan. 

Step 3: Develop  
With a solid foundation established, it’s time to dive deeper into strategy development. This phase involves asking critical strategic questions and addressing key areas such as risk assessment, stakeholder analysis, purpose definition, and goal setting. Through collaborative efforts, we piece together these elements to formulate an achievable and impactful strategy that aligns with the organisation’s vision. 

Step 4: Decide  
Once the strategy has been developed, it’s time for the organisation to take ownership of their learnings and insights. This step provides the Management team with the tools they require to put the strategy into place, and report back to the board with their critiques. Arming the Board with valuable information, the Board will be confident to decide on the strategy plan that aligns with their organisation’s unique needs and goals. While Grounded Governance can provide support if needed, we trust that the board will be well-equipped to make informed decisions independently. This phase marks the transition from strategic development to strategic ownership, empowering the board to chart their course confidently. 

Step 5: Deliver  
The final step in our Strategy Simplified process is implementation – turning plans into action. While delivering the strategy may take time and dedication, having a well-defined roadmap in place makes the journey smoother. With the foundations laid out and goals set, Management can deliver the strategy, with the confidence knowing the Board is monitoring and assisting to ensure all elements of the business are working towards their strategic objectives with clarity and determination. 

Strategy Diagram

Navigating the future requires a strategic approach grounded in clarity, collaboration, and commitment. Through our Strategy Simplified process, we empower boards and management to embark on this journey with confidence, guiding them towards success in an ever-changing business landscape. By mastering the five essential steps of Strategy Simplified, boards can chart a course for their organisations that is both effective and sustainable, ensuring a brighter future ahead.