Announcing Our New On-Demand Course: How to Be a Great Chair

The team at Grounded Governance are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with BoardPro. We are now able to bring you an exceptional on-demand course: How to Be a Great Chair. We created this course for professionals aspiring to be a great chair or looking to enhance their skills as current board or committee chairs. Both parties agreed, we wanted this course to be comprehensive, online, and self-paced, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for participants. 

Elevate Your Leadership Skills 

Effective leadership is crucial for any board or committee, and this course is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and tools necessary for successful governance. By enrolling in How to Be a Great Chair, you’ll be equipped to: 

  • Lead with Confidence: Develop effective communication skills to lead board and committee meetings with finesse, fostering open dialogue and collaboration among members. 
  • Understand Governance Principles: Gain a strong understanding of governance principles and best practices, ensuring your board or committee operates ethically and effectively. 
  • Foster Collaboration: Cultivate a collaborative and inclusive environment that inspires participation and engagement from all members. 
  • Resolve Conflicts: Learn conflict resolution skills to effectively manage disagreements and guide the board or committee towards consensus. 

This masterclass is perfect for individuals who aspire to become board or committee chairs, those looking to improve their chairing abilities, or professionals seeking insights into the chair’s responsibilities within an interactive and collaborative group environment. 

Why Choose Our Self-Paced Masterclass? 

Our comprehensive self-paced masterclass offers flexibility and depth, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule. Here’s why this course stands out: 

  • Flexible Learning: Progress at your own pace, whenever and wherever it suits you. 
  • Expert Instructor: Learn from an experienced governance practitioner and gain insights from their extensive experience. 
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive deep into relevant, important topics with detailed modules and practical resources. 
  • Lifetime Access: Revisit the material anytime with unlimited access to all course content. 

Enroll today and start your path to mastering the art of chairing a board or committee. 

  • Course Fee: $597 NZD 
  • Course Content: 13 Comprehensive Chapters 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your leadership skills and unlock your board’s potential. Visit our website to purchase your online training course and embark on this exciting journey with Grounded Governance and BoardPro. 

Together, let’s make governance enjoyable, effective, and grounded in excellence.